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Control, Drive Technology, and Software for Window Manufacturing Machines


KMW Engineering offers comprehensive production solutions for window manufacturing. Together with REX Automation Technology, standardized machines for welding and cleaning plastic windows of various sizes have been developed, as well as special machines in the areas of handling, transfer, and storage systems. REX AT handles the complete software development for PLC and HMI, as well as the integration with upstream and downstream production systems.

The Customer

KMW Engineering, based in Klingenthal, Saxony, has over 60 years of experience in mechanical engineering — from design and construction to manufacturing, commissioning, and customer service.

Innovations include the patented process for welding corner joints, creating a seamless film finish on visible surfaces.

KMW has been working in partnership with REX AT in the field of window manufacturing machines for almost two decades. In addition to supplying control and drive technology, REX AT is responsible for the software development of the welding machines.

Eckelmann’s Contribution

  • Supply of CNC and motion control technology from the Eckelmann Group, including I/O system
  • Supply of drive technology
  • PLC development
  • HMI: Development of an intuitive user interface
  • Commissioning
  • Service and diagnostics
  • Digital twin for virtual commissioning and better machine visualization

The Machines

Welding machines are manufactured for the simultaneous welding of four 90° corner joints on PVC profiles. In addition, transom joints can be welded or screwed in parallel to the welding process of the corners. The machine can be implemented in different versions with one software version: 4-head, 6-head or even 8-head.

In addition, CNC plastering machines are available in different versions with maximum processing speed and precision thanks to the latest linear technology.

REX AT is also a partner for handling, transfer and storage systems: for example, for the automatic, order-specific stacking and distribution of glass panes, including the implementation of an interface to the robot, which automatically inserts the panes into the window frame.


Supplied machine equipment, over
up to
23 axes for welding machines
glass stackers
7 axes
machining center with
9 axes

For KMW Engineering, the team from REX Automation Technology developed an HMI with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Special Features

  • The software framework used by REX AT allows machine processes to be created without programming knowledge. With a sequence editor, programmed individual functions can be combined via drag & drop. This allows for the continuous adjustment of run times on the machine. Optimizations, product adjustments, and functional extensions do not require changes to the PLC code.
    Additionally, the live display of the sequence flow provides absolute transparency over all work steps and states.
  • By using the digital twin, these processes could be tested on the virtual model before commissioning the real machine: crash avoidance, cycle time analysis, and tests against various stages of series machines. This significantly reduced commissioning times on the real machine and, consequently, costs.

“Our almost 20-year collaboration with KMW is of particular value to us. During this time, we have equipped many generations of window production machines with advanced control and drive technology as well as innovative software development for welding machines, corner cleaners and production lines.”

Matthias Rex, General Manager REX Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

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