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Development of a High-Precision Positioning and Motion Technology for Pick and Place Applications


In joint projects, such as trade show presentations and acquisitions, JAT and the Erfurt subsidiary REX Automatisierungstechnik present themselves with combined expertise as suppliers and partners.

As a specialist in drive solutions, JAT presented at the SPS trade show the FAST Four-Axis System for Pick’n’Place (FAST 4PnP), a new positioning and motion solution that combines air bearing technology and composite materials (CFRP) for the first time.

REX AT complements JAT’s expertise in the areas of PLC, motion and CNC control technology, and software development to offer the customer a comprehensive solution. Together, the ultra-precision system was brought to life.

The Customer

Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH (JAT) has been a long-standing customer and partner of REX Automatisierungstechnik. Since 1990, JAT has been developing and manufacturing customer-specific servo drives and complex drive systems for positioning and handling tasks. They provide solutions in the field of drive technology, such as motors, drive controllers, axis systems, or complete mechatronic systems — from the initial idea to series production.

Performance by Eckelmann

In the course of development, REX AT could offer real added value: For the ultra-precision system, Eckelmann control technology including IO system as well as the camera system was supplied.

Furthermore, REX AT was responsible for the software development of the PLC, HMI, and image recognition.

  • Camera system including lighting
  • Eckelmann CNC control technology
  • PLC and HMI
  • Image processing

The Machine

With the Ultra-Precision System FAST4PnP, JAT developed a gantry system to meet very high demands for accuracy and dynamics. The multi-axis system positions repeatably to 0.1µm.

For example, a fiber laser can be moved highly dynamically with the system. The corresponding dynamics have the advantage that the material to be processed does not burn. The air bearings enable friction-free movement, and corners and radii thus receive a clean and precise contour. Additionally, simultaneous work is possible, i.e., another tool can be mounted on the other side of the axis, saving time and costs.

100 m/s2
Travel XY
400x600 mm
0.1 µm
3 µm

Special Features

The high demands on precision and maximum speed of the system were extraordinary. In addition, a tight timeframe was adhered to by the REX AT team when installing software tools for control technology and image processing. Their long-standing experience in pick & place applications benefited the realization in the shortest possible time.

With the digital twin, software development could be carried out parallel to machine assembly, significantly shortening the commissioning time on the machine.


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