Control system technology manages building material flow

Eckelmann supplies management system technology — even for production lines “to the moon and back”


For a major customer in the construction industry, Eckelmann captures and controls the material flow from the receipt of goods in the dosing silos to the finished pallet and handover to the logistics system at several locations. One of the requirements for the Eckelmann control system was the close integration with the customer’s ERP system.

Eckelmann’s Performance

  • Engineering
  • Control technology based on SIEMENS SIMATIC S7
  • Process and mixing control system
  • Visualization using SIEMENS WIN CC
  • 24/7 service contracts

Eckelmann controls the entire material flow for a major customer in the construction industry: from the arrival of goods in the silos to the finished pallet and handover to the logistics system. A highly functional solution that was adapted for several plants and integrated with the customer's ERP system.


With Eckelmann FactoryWare® Batch and its predecessor systems, Eckelmann has a software solution for fast-paced dosing and mixing processes in complex plant configurations in the building materials, construction chemicals, and ceramics industries.

From the ERP system to facility control, FactoryWare Batch automates seamless weighing, dosing, and mixing. Additionally, the software captures quality data from the laboratory, oversees the overall control of the batch-organized manufacturing process including pallet labeling, and connects to the high-bay warehouse.

Even systems beyond mixing and dosing technology can be realized with the framework.

For gypsum board production, an exclusive control system was created for a customer. It links production with the ERP and warehouse management system. Here, Eckelmann engineers defined all interfaces for production control. The database was designed to be open: the customer has full access, can analyze their data, and derive optimizations if necessary.

Gypsum Boards
1 Billion m²
384400 km
30 years
Digital link
20 years

A true superlative in the building materials industry, achieved with Eckelmann systems: 384,400 kilometers long would be the length of around one billion m² of produced gypsum boards if they were laid end to end.

Special Features

  • Eckelmann engineers speak the technical language of the construction industry.
  • Understanding of processes from ERP system to shop floor.

“Our production management systems connect the digital worlds. They link production with the ERP and warehouse management system. On a human level, Eckelmann engineers are the connection between the shop floor and the IT world.”

Ingo Horn, Deputy Business Unit Manager Batch Control Systems Eckelmann AG

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