50 Years of Power Electronics Dual Leadership at Eckelmann FCS: Management Leo Schacke & Frank van Beek

Welcome to Eckelmann FCS: Your Partner for Automation and Drive Technology.

For over 50 years, we have been developing innovative automation solutions and drive technology for machine and plant engineering in partnership with our customers: from small 3D printers to complex 5-axis CNC machining centers to energy storage solutions for a wide range of applications.

Solutions for Mechanical Engineering

We develop and manufacture comprehensive automation solutions across industries:

  • Drive Technology
  • Control Technology
  • Functional Safety
  • Industrial PCs
  • SPS & HMI Software
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Management according to ISO 50001
  • Special and Series Control Cabinets (UL-Certified)

Part of a Strong Network

As a medium-sized company based in Herford, we are pioneers in the development and manufacturing of high-performance servo drives.

Today, we have established ourselves as a solution provider for automation in machine and plant engineering — including self-developed control and drive components.

Eckelmann FCS (formerly Ferrocontrol Steuerungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG) has been a subsidiary of Eckelmann AG, based in Wiesbaden, since 2006.

Energy Recovery & Peak Shaving

Stored braking energy helps to increase efficiency and productivity. The E°Darc DCB energy storage system permanently reduces energy consumption in applications with frequent braking operations.

In addition, pre-charging the modules can significantly reduce peak loads.

2nd Level Support, Service & Spare Parts Delivery

Eckelmann FCS offers a repair program with direct after-sales service — for proactive maintenance, quick recovery, or maintenance of Ferrocontrol technology. Plus spare parts supply for all Ferrocontrol / Eckelmann FCS components: drive controllers, servo motors, fieldbus components, and industrial PCs.

Reliable service — throughout the machine’s lifetime: from axis commissioning to series production and beyond. Decades of satisfied customers speak for themselves.

Simple Repair

In the event of service needs or malfunctions, the FCS repair service operates as quickly as possible to avoid long downtimes. Play it safe and proactively request particularly critical spare parts for your own inventory.

50 Years of Reliable Automation with Ferrocontrol

If you manufacture in the furniture, glass, wood, or plastic window industry, it is highly likely that Ferrocontrol technology is installed in the control cabinet.
We are familiar with all types of machines. We are specialists for current machines and past generations of Ferrocontrol.

We offer you hardware and software support and are available with our service team six days a week to assist you with the maintenance and repair of the machines.

Retrofit — The Second Life of an Old Machine

For our drive, control, and industrial PC technology, we offer retrofit services. Modernizing our components enables sustainable machine operation: with higher energy efficiency and productivity

  • more user comfort
  • modern safety concepts (Functional Safety)
  • better machine availability
  • longer lifespan

The advantage of a retrofit is obvious: Often, the mechanics of an older machine are still in good condition, the actual problem is the electronics, which no longer meet current requirements. An upgrade of the electronics and/or software has given many a machine or system a highly vital second life.

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Leo Schacke
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