Professional Control Cabinet Manufacturing — Also in Contract Manufacturing Welcome to the Czech Republic!

Benefit from location advantages and highest Eckelmann quality.


The team of Eckelmann s.r.o. led by Managing Director Josef Šunka, with over 75 employees, produces small and medium series in control cabinet manufacturing at the Tvrdonice site on the border with Slovakia.

Contract Manufacturing: Turnkey Control Cabinets

From the first step to final delivery, German- and English-speaking customer advisors manage your project. We consider mechanical and electronic components and enable short commissioning times through pre-configuration and in-house testing.

Electrical design and control cabinet manufacturing have traditionally been part of the Eckelmann Group’s service offerings. The production of sheet metal and housing parts is also offered from a single source. The standard program also includes enclosures, cables, and industrial connectors from all leading manufacturers. Production is carried out according to customer requirements using soldering, cutting, clamping, and crimping techniques.

Advantages of Production in the Czech Republic

Benefit from the location advantages of the Czech Republic, optimal purchasing conditions, and highest Eckelmann quality:

  • Comprehensive tests ensure that everything fits perfectly during commissioning.
  • The tests are carried out with state-of-the-art testing equipment, ensuring flawless, traceable results.
  • With sophisticated logistical processes, we also achieve just-in-time deliveries!
  • According to customer specifications

Control and Regulation Systems for Refrigeration Systems

In 2006, series electrical production started at the Tvrdonice site. In 2008, Eckelmann AG, a manufacturer of refrigeration control and regulation systems established throughout Europe, took over the operation, which has since been known as Eckelmann s.r.o. The storage and production areas have been gradually expanded to approximately 1,800 m2 today. At the same time, Eckelmann has invested in modern production equipment, automated test systems, and quality management at the Czech site.

Service Provider for the Electrical Industry

In the Czech Republic, modern production facilities spanning over 2000 square meters produce for the entire Eckelmann Group, but also in contract manufacturing, including distribution boards and cable harnesses beyond control cabinet manufacturing. Upon customer request, individual electronic and electrical assemblies are also designed.

Eckelmann s.r.o. is

  • A reliable series supplier for international manufacturers in the refrigeration industry. Their cooling furniture is equipped with electrical accessories and small controllers from Eckelmann.
  • A service provider for the entire electrical industry. Customer-specific electronic and electrical assemblies are developed and manufactured.
  • A partner of telecommunications. Large series of alarm switching units for fiber optic cable distribution cabinets for telecommunications are manufactured.

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Ing. Josef Šunka, Ph.D.


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