One-Hand Operation for Agricultural and Municipal Machinery

Safe and Ergonomic One-Hand Operation for Agricultural and Municipal Machinery


The harsh working conditions on tractors or in municipal applications like winter service put controls and operating parts to the test. The components must withstand operation at extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to 65°C. The control unit must also be safe and comfortable to handle even under off-road vibrations. Additionally, the electronic solution must meet the highest ergonomic and robustness requirements.

The Customer

The family-owned company RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH has a successful history of over 100 years. What the great-great-grandfather Franz Rauch started as a master blacksmith for agricultural technology has become an international manufacturer of fertilizer spreaders, seed drills, and winter spreading equipment.

Performance by Eckelmann

  • The standard series breaks down the basic requirements of IEC 61508 (Functional Safety of Electronic Systems) to the specific needs of agricultural technology.
  • The device can be programmed using the manufacturer-independent development environment CoDeSys V3 or with C/C++.
  • Interfaces available:
    • ISOBUS
    • Driving speed according to ISO 11786
    • 1x CAN and 1x LIN bus;
    • USB, for example, for convenient upload of spreading tables

Worldwide, the left entry into tractors is standard. Both left- and right-handed operators use their right hand. The compact dimensions (270 x 190 x 51 mm) of the control unit do not obstruct the driver’s view.

    • Optional with touch operation
    • The clear visualization on the 5.7˝ TFT display uses the CCI-ISOBUS stack and is ISO 11783 compliant

The mobile, automated operating and control unit from Eckelmann AG is used as an OEM solution in the series production of fertilizer spreaders and in municipal implements — including one-hand operation.

Machine / Application

A key aspect of mobile automation is meeting relevant industrial standards: For example, the establishment of ISOBUS as a communication standard makes it technically easier to combine subsystems from different manufacturers. With the implementation of ISOBUS and the fulfillment of other important standards, Eckelmann offers a compatibility-oriented, future-proof solution for mobile automation.

The adaptation of the control and operating device to a specific task in the field of mobile automation is managed in close cooperation between application experts from the machine manufacturer and control experts from Eckelmann. This collaboration gives agricultural machinery manufacturers the ability to develop their own applications.

Operating Temperature
-20 °C
Operating Temperature
60 °C
  • Eckelmann engineers handle hardware development as well as the development of powerful system and infrastructure functionalities in such collaborations. It is important to mention the contractual protection of customer know-how regarding their IP.
  • Eckelmann naturally considers the special requirements of ISO 25119 “Safety of Agricultural Machinery” for functional safety.

“Harsh working conditions on tractors or municipal machines put control units and operating elements to the test. Whether minus 20° or plus 65°C: The mobile operating and control unit from Eckelmann has proven itself as an OEM solution in series production - including safe and ergonomic one-hand operation.”

Dr. Marco Münchhof, Board Member Eckelmann AG

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