Reliable, Safe Facility Automation for the Entire Cash Cycle


Eckelmann is the system integrator for Giesecke+Devrient in worldwide projects. Cash and logistics centers for banknotes and valuables are automated.

Eckelmann advises during the offer phase, proposes solutions, develops, tests, and commissions worldwide.

The Customer

Giesecke+Devrient makes life safer for billions of people: Founded in Leipzig in 1852, G+D is still family-owned today.

The company has evolved from a manufacturer of banknotes, securities, and IDs to a global partner for security technology in the areas of payments, identity, connectivity, and digital infrastructures. Today, G+D is the market leader in banknote processing at central banks.

In the field of Currency Technology, G+D offers solutions for the automation and digitization of the cash cycle.

The offering combines hardware, software, and services into intelligent, scalable solutions around the cash cycle. Thanks to the group-wide expertise in protecting highly critical areas, G+D realizes customized cash centers as turnkey projects, enabling the cash cycle of an entire country to be realized.

Through automation, intralogistical standardization, and data-driven technology, banknote processing becomes extremely efficient: the costs of cash processing are reduced, making it attractive and competitive.

Eckelmann’s Contribution

  • Consultation/Concept Development
  • Field technology for transport systems (control cabinets/control technology)
  • Material Handling System (MHS)
  • Overall visualization based on the latest web technologies
  • Mapping complex cash processing workflows
  • Integration of various logistics systems and processing machines

Linking Automation Technologies

In printing plants, banknotes are produced, counted, and packed into transport containers. BPS banknote processing systems check and sort the banknotes at high speed.

From there, they are bundled, sealed, and fully automatically stored. BDS systems securely and reliably destroy defective or old banknotes.

Giesecke+Devrient commissions Eckelmann with the heart and pacemaker of their cash centers — the central material handling system and the control of the subordinate transport systems. Together, they connect the machines of these fully automated systems into a highly efficient, smoothly operating unit.

Handling critical infrastructure is a matter of course for Eckelmann. The complex, highly automated systems must ensure high availability, safe operation, and traceable handling.

170 Years
80 +
3 Billion
Banknotes Worldwide
700 Billion

Eckelmann is the system integrator for Giesecke+Devrient in worldwide projects. As part of the automation of cash and logistics centers for banknotes and valuables, our engineers provide advice during the quotation phase, develop, test and commission worldwide.

Eckelmann implemented the central material handling system and the control of the subordinate transport systems for Giesecke+Devrient. Together they connect the machines in these fully automated systems.


  • Preferred partner since 2013
  • 10 projects realized together
  • High value and industry understanding
  • Worldwide installation and commissioning
  • 100% customization to customer needs
Stefan Bogula, Head of Solution Business Procurement, Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology

“I appreciate Eckelmann's understanding of complex, interconnected systems. For over 10 years, we have relied on this trustworthy, cooperative partnership.”

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