Safe Control Technology

Productivity increased with safety: from safety control to safe drive systems.

With the safety portfolio of the Eckelmann Group, all safety-relevant applications of machines and systems can be covered.

In addition to components with functional safety according to IEC 61800, individually configurable safety functions are available.

This scalable offering enables customized and flexible solutions for machine safety in any application – TÜV-certified and SIL3 or PL e-compliant.

Four advantages for a modern, holistic, and above all safe automation concept in mechanical engineering:

  • Consistent and transparent processing of safe and non-safe signals
  • Unified programming environments for PLC applications and safety logic
  • Certified safety technology in all components
  • Openness for the integration of central and decentralized peripherals
  • Safe fieldbus FSoE minimizes wiring effort
Safe Control E°SLC 89

The more complex the machine, the more powerful the safety control needs to be.

With the E°SLC 89 safety control, you have a high-performance safety master for your machine, certified to SIL3 and PL e, which can also map complex safety logic in the PLC. With FSoE, safe communication to the drive level and all safe I/O modules on EtherCAT is available. Thus, the E°SLC 89 becomes the central contact for the entire machine safety technology.

Technical documentation (E°EDP registration required):

E°SLC 89
Safe I/O Modules

Compact, flexible, and modular.

The safe UBM I/O modules provide digital inputs and outputs for the E°SLC89 control. Through the UBM bus couplers, both central and decentralized safety circuits can be realized. Additionally, the safe modules can be operated directly on the E°EXC 89.

Technical documentation (E°EDP registration required):

Safe I/O Modules
Safe I/O Feed Modules

Simple but effective.

Even without dedicated safety control and complex logic, simple safety concepts can be realized via the safe feed modules of the UBM series. No programming on the PLC side is necessary.

Technical documentation (E°EDP registration required):

Safe I/O Feed Modules