Partner of Biotechnology Throughout a Machine’s Life

Wiesbaden, March 30, 2023. “Participating in the German Biotechnology Days was a first for us. We established promising contacts with companies and universities and received the first concrete inquiries.” Lothar Rössler, Sales Director of Eckelmann AG, looks back with satisfaction on the two-day event held at the Wiesbaden RheinMain CongressCenter at the end of March. The Wiesbaden-based company presented itself as a development partner and supplier for biopharmaceutical and medical plant operators and device manufacturers. In their portfolio: exciting references from everyday engineering practice.

The core theme of the event was specialist lectures, in which representatives from politics, business, and research discussed the diverse application fields and potentials of biotechnology — from health research to the bioeconomy. In the much-noticed accompanying exhibition, companies from the industry presented themselves.

Transparent Processes for Biotechnology

The team showcased its services in the field of biotechnology using a concrete case study: the development and production of the system control for bioreactors. The bioreactor families receive complete hardware and software from a single source, including the installation of electronic and pneumatic components as well as system tests. The solutions encompass all bioreactor functions, such as controlling and regulating pH value, gas flows, and temperatures. The solutions optimally support scaling and flexibilizing production capacities.

Hardware and Software from a Single Source

Whether on a laboratory or industrial scale: Eckelmann’s solutions make biopharmaceutical production capacities more flexible and efficient. To optimize production, increase efficiency, and sustainably reduce operating costs, both individual systems and complete plants are automated.
By integrating IT technology and automation technology, Eckelmann engineers harness the enormous potentials of Industry 4.0. Tailored digitalization enables monitoring, analysis, and optimization of key figures and systems — for higher efficiency, predictable service, and personnel deployment, and maximum system availability. Moreover, simulating test runs and commissioning with a digital twin saves time, travel costs, and engineering hours.

Competence in Regulated Environments

Naturally, the Wiesbaden-based company is ISO 9001 certified. It also meets increased, sometimes industry-specific regulatory requirements and standards. The foundations are a comprehensive quality management system and certifications in regulated environments, such as ISO.