E°CUT Solutions Optimize Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Wiesbaden, September 2023. At the “Schweißen und Schneiden” (Welding and Cutting) trade fair, held from September 11 to 15 in Essen, Eckelmann will present innovative software solutions and the latest extensions to the E°CUT package in Hall 6, Stand F19.
As a pioneer in machine automation, the Wiesbaden-based company offers machine builders of cutting machines the E°CUT solution package. The modern E°CUT solution package seamlessly integrates IHT’s solution into the E°CUT HMI, PLC, and the E°EXC89 controller. The APC system itself includes an integrated technology database for oxy-fuel cutting, oxy-fuel cutting torches, gas regulators, ignition, and height control. Advantage: The E°CUT solution package is preconfigured. After installation, it allows the customer to start cutting immediately. Besides this simple integration, the support effort has also been reduced; in practice, it only needs to be mounted and connected to the machine.

CAD/CAM Programming: Quick Change Between Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Cutting

By using edge cuts, a significant amount of material is saved. In combination with microjoints, parts can be optimally cleared and sorted.
As a co-exhibiting subsidiary of the Eckelmann Group, Eckelmann IBE Software GmbH presents cncCUT HMI at “Schneiden und Schweißen,” a product that runs in the machine’s E°CUT HMI and supports CAD/CAM programming on the machine. Target customers of this order management system for sheet metal centers — optimally tuned to Eckelmann controllers — are medium-sized companies. The solution simplifies operation on machines that have both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting heads.
In addition to the cncCUT HMI variant, cncCUT is also available for the desktop. The desktop version of cncCUT offers significantly more functions and can also generate NC programs for machines without Eckelmann control. Furthermore, options for bevel cutting and drilling are available.
The cncCUT product family also supports Kjellberg’s Q V5 plasma source with the innovative Q-Hole technology and Hypertherm XPR plasma sources with E°CUT Bolt Hole.

Higher Usability: Faster Program for 3D Part Creation

Optimized, future-oriented processing of geometries and their 3D representation in the CAD module. The successful prototype demonstrates: The import of DXF/DWG files with 3D representation enables part creation in seconds.
The mature and technically strong cncCUT CAD/CAM family will merge into the new product E°CAM as part of a comprehensive modernization. The successful modernization affects the processing of geometries and their 3D representation in the CAD module.
Automatic positioning of motorized torch carriages
The new, automatic, and already proven torch carriage positioning now supports up to twelve motorized carriages. As part of the extension, the positioning of the torch carriages was also optimized — execution is now even faster to increase efficiency.

Optimal Support for Kjellberg Q Cutting Data Version 5

The E°CUT Release 2023.1 supports the new Q-Hole and ProPierce functions of Kjellberg Q Cutting Data Version 5. The implementation of the complete hole cutting process of Q-Hole, including the various starts in one cycle, has significantly simplified the integration into the post-processor of a CAD/CAM system. In the cutting program (or before the program starts by the operator), the ContourCut (main) data set is selected, the hole diameter is specified, and the Q-Hole cycle is called. The correct data set — depending on the ratio of hole diameter to material thickness and the associated start strategy — is selected and calculated at runtime.

Fully Automatic Order Management

The new order management supports the processing of individual programs and the automatic processing in an order list. Different processing scenarios are considered: Depending on the application, the starting point, plate position correction, cutting data set, and head selection can be specified and configured in an order.

New Differentiation for Bevel Height and Bevel Distance in Bevel Cutting

With E°CUT Release 2022.3, we provide an additional differentiation option for Y, NY, X, K cuts, addressing the fact that the cutting channel length can vary significantly depending on bevel height or bevel distance with the same bevel angle, requiring different bevel compensation values.
Now, with Y, NY, X, K cuts, correction values at 0° can be edited to adjust parameters such as speed compared to normal straight cut parameters. These extensions ultimately lead to an optimization of cutting results in bevel cutting.

Optimization of Cutting Quality in Laser Cutting

With a new path parameter table and new parameters for height control to new perfection: For laser cutting, there is now an option to adjust the standard path interpolation parameters from the machine constants and assign them to a cutting data set. This also offers the potential to optimize cutting quality depending on the material or contour.
Additionally, new parameters to limit speed and acceleration for height control have been introduced to best adapt them to the cutting process.

Editor for Entering Extraction Sections

In the E°CUT HMI, an editor for entering the positions for controlling the dampers of extraction sections is now available. Start and end positions for the activation of the associated extraction damper can be specified for both the X and Y axes. Multiple extraction section paths side by side are also possible. The calculation assistant, which helps in filling out the table, is particularly helpful.

Standard Change Table Control for Laser Cutting

A change table control has been implemented in both E°CUT PRO and E°CUT ECO control variants. This allows for easy integration of a change table into the machine concept, especially for laser cutting. The change table can be operated either manually or fully automatically.