Warm Invitation

to GMP-PHARMA TECHNICA from March 19-20 at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden

Eckelmann is a Development Partner and Supplier in Regulated Environments

Every year, GMP-PHARMA TECHNICA in Wiesbaden becomes the meeting place for the pharmaceutical industry. At the exhibition for European suppliers, Eckelmann AG will present itself from March 19 to 20 at Stand A29, showcasing high levels of automation and expertise in regulated environments. On display: exciting references from engineering, practical solutions, and forward-thinking, cost-oriented technologies.

In conjunction with PharmaCongress, PharmaTechnica annually becomes the stage for manufacturers. A home game for the Wiesbaden company: Over 200 engineers, computer scientists, and natural scientists work daily for the best solution. They represent Eckelmann’s expertise, exceptional industry and process experience, and the identity of the automation expert.

The company specializes in sector-specific regulatory requirements and standards. The foundation is a comprehensive quality management system and certifications in regulated environments, such as ISO 13485 as a supplier for medical technology, ISO 62304 (Medical Device Software), GMP/GAMP 5 processes, and the manufacture of electrical systems according to CE and UL.

Eckelmann teams are committed to the sustainability goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030: health and well-being worldwide.
Top topics include automation, facility monitoring systems, and qualification documentation.

Whether in the lab or on an industrial scale: Eckelmann solutions flexibly enhance and increase the production capacities of the pharmaceutical industry. To optimize production, increase efficiency, and sustainably reduce operating costs, both individual systems and complete plants are automated.

For safety and efficiency in manufacturing, engineering teams combine IT technology and automation technology: With FactoryWare Data Analytics software, key figures are monitored, analyzed, and systems optimized. The high level of automation ensures maximum efficiency, planned service, demand-oriented personnel deployment, and secure system availability.

Significant time savings are the focus of simulations using FactoryWare®Virtual Replica on the Digital Twin. Virtualization is based on construction data, enabling test runs and commissioning of machines and systems on the Digital Twin. Additionally, manufacturers and operators benefit from the digital behavioral model of the application throughout its entire lifecycle.

Relieving Caregivers: Automating Medication Management

As part of PharmaTechnica, case studies from daily practice provide the professional audience with orientation. For example, modern blister machines dose different tablets error-free using numerous individual drives. Initially, a functional model was built in a short time using standard Eckelmann control technology, allowing the customer to begin developing their machine technology early. Simultaneously, control specialists developed an application-specific optimized control system. The series blister machine was equipped with the customer-optimized Eckelmann series control system E°EXC 881.

About Eckelmann

Eckelmann presents itself as a full-service provider for industrial automation and digitalization. As a specialist in the requirements of biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, and medical technology, Eckelmann engineers offer all solutions from a single source: consulting, customized hardware and software solutions, turnkey automation systems, lifecycle management, and smart service.

Whether in the lab or on an industrial scale: We increase biopharmaceutical production capacities. To accelerate production, make it more efficient, and sustainably reduce operating costs, we precisely automate both individual systems and complete plants. Biopharmaceutical production units receive comprehensive hardware and software development, including the installation of electronic hardware, system testing, and commissioning, enabling consistent, optimal scalability.

Of course, we meet high regulatory requirements and standards. This is demonstrated through quality management and certifications in regulated environments, such as ISO 13485 as a supplier for medical technology, ISO 62304 (Medical Device Software), GMP/GAMP 5 processes, and the manufacture of electrical systems according to CE, UL, and UKCA.

When we combine IT technology and automation technology, we harness the potential of Industry 4.0. Tailored digitalization enables key figure monitoring, analysis, and system optimization — for higher efficiency, planned service and personnel deployment, and maximum system availability. Additionally, we save time, travel costs, and engineering hours by simulating test runs and commissioning on the digital twin.