CNC Cutting Solutions by Eckelmann

Whether oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, water jet or rotating and oscillating tools, more and more cutting machine manufacturers worldwide trust in CNC Cutting Solutions by Eckelmann. In addition to technical and economic factors, the cooperative partnership and economic stability in particular are decisive when choosing Eckelmann.

[Translate to "Englisch"] Unterstützung aller gängigen Bearbeitungsverfahren beim Schneiden

Supporting all current processing methods and their combination: Thermal and water jet cutting, drilling, thread cutting, labelling and marking.

[Translate to "Englisch"] gleiche Steuerungsplattform für alle Maschinenausführungen

The same control platform for all machine designs allows for streamlined procurement and warehousing as well as training and service.

[Translate to "Englisch"] Schnittstellen zu allen marktüblichen Technologieanbietern

We offer interfaces to all technology providers and thus a free coice of cutting equipment.

[Translate to "Englisch"] Steuerungstechnik - langjährige Verfügbarkeit

Control technology with long-term availability independent of short innovation cycles (in contrast to PC technology).

[Translate to "Englisch"] vom Sterungskern bis hin zu Steuerungs-Komplettausrüstung

Free choice of Eckelmann's scope of delivery: One-stop-shop from procurement of the pure control core to complete control and drive equipment. Optionally also inclusive nesting software with macro library.

[Translate to "Englisch"] Einhaltung von Normen Vorschriften

Developed and produced for the use in harsh environmental conditions. Compliance with all relevant national and international standards. Also with UL-certified switch cabinet construction as per UL File E233027.

We offer solutions with regards to the following topics:

  • CNC automation solutions for laser, plasma, oxy-fuel and water jet
  • New CNC user interface and cutting panel for maximum ease of use
  • Solutions can be expanded individually thanks to the great openness of the controller
  • Software library with comprehensive application support
  • Integrated image processing solutions for more precision and productivity
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