E°SEE MAVIN Use Your Image Processing Software on the Same or a Separate PC

E°SEE MAVIN is the latest development, already proven as a prototype and follow-up product in practice.

E°SEE MAVIN is a highly powerful and modular image processing software that utilizes the most modern software techniques. The concept consists of a generically applicable, powerful base software that provides internal structures and processes and is used in all installations.

On this base software, so-called plugins/modules are installed, which then represent the respective image processing functionalities. Currently, the following modules are available:

  • E°SEE MAVIN Live Image
  • E°SEE MAVIN Contour Scan
  • E°SEE MAVIN Registration Mark Detection
  • E°SEE MAVIN 3D modules such as part detection, remnant plate detection, and zero point determination are in concrete planning and will be available soon.

Plugins can be used independently of each other. For example, if E°SEE MAVIN is used with the live image, additional plugins can be added at a later time.

The base software thus allows the development of custom plugins and their integration into the use of E°SEE MAVIN.

Finished Applications

With the E°SEE MAVIN software and the associated modules, the customer receives a complete and tested software solution. Only basic configuration is necessary after installation, and then the machine operation can start. 


Typically, OPC UA is used to connect the plugins to a control system. The interfaces and interface variables are extensively documented. This allows an SPS programmer to connect to E°SEE MAVIN easily and without special knowledge. Additionally, with the use of OPC UA, any OPC UA-capable control system can be used for an application — even from third-party providers.

Server-Client Concept

This server component does not require a user interface. The user interface is installed as a client component as a separate process and can be installed on the same PC or on a different PC. Operation and application are thus separated. This enables, for example, the operation of several machines through just one separate control station — one of many exciting configurations.

E°SEE MAVIN Live Image

With the live image function, the machine operator has a view of the machine and the work area, which would otherwise not be possible, especially with larger machines. The live image runs continuously and requires no user intervention.

E°SEE MAVIN Contour Scan

The contour scan is a very helpful and simple function, used for example in the reproduction of cutting parts for which there are no digital data.

The part to be replaced is placed on a sheet of paper, the contours are drawn with a permanent marker — manual corrections can already be made. In a second step, the machine with the mounted E°SEE camera follows the line and creates the digital contour:

  • either converted directly into a DIN program for use in a cutting process,
  • or first converted into a DXF file for customer post-processing in the CAD/CAM system to recreate the part. The conversion into a final DIN program for the cutting process follows.

Typical use cases for the contour scan are:

  • Reproduction of cutting parts
  • Rapid prototyping without the CAD/CAM detour