Software: FactoryWare The DNA of FactoryWare includes all the genes that have proven themselves in previous stages of evolution

FactoryWare is the result of 40 years of automation experience plus the systematic, benefit-oriented extraction and integration of forward-looking technologies.

FactoryWare is a solution kit for the automation and digitization of individual machines, production lines, and entire factories.

The individual solution elements are characterized by a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and the vision of making proven automation technology more transparent, intuitive, and autonomous with new technologies.

With FactoryWare, Eckelmann offers all the necessary solution components to bridge the gap between the shop floor and the IT world from a single source.

The focus of FactoryWare is clearly on the reliable, safe, and efficient management of manufacturing processes. These basic properties are complemented by features and capabilities that will significantly increase the transparency, autonomy, and intuitive usability of future solutions.

Open interfaces in all directions allow for efficient integration into existing and future infrastructures. Thus, FactoryWare is also a pioneer for IT/OT integration.

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Henrik Hubschneider

Henrik Hubschneider
Head of Sales
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