Visualization & Smart Service

Service on the Digital Twin

Benefit from the Replica of Your System

This visualization of machines and systems through the Digital Twin, Eckelmann FactoryWare® Virtual Replica, offers significant advantages. Manufacturers and operators benefit from the digital behavior model of the system throughout its entire lifecycle.

The parallelization of work in the engineering process not only shortens development and commissioning times but also optimizes service tasks:

  • Service deployments
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Training
  • Support services like providing documentation

Eckelmann Smart Service

Eckelmann FactoryWare® Data Analytics enables tailored digitization for monitoring, analyzing key metrics, and optimizing systems — for higher efficiency, scheduled service, personnel deployment, and maximum system availability.

The goal of our services is your satisfaction and achieving sustainable goals together. Benefit from our services:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Minimization of downtime
  • Repair of electronic components
  • Transparency in production processes
  • Digital access to all accompanying documents & software versions

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